DEKRA Construction Management

Planning Phase

In the planning phase DEKRA offers you a broad base of expertise and unique professionalism for all decision-making and implementation processes. Plan with DEKRA!

Construction and project management

In cooperation with project managers in the area of action B "Quantities and qualities", DEKRA is responsible for the planning, coordination and monitoring of schedules, costs and quality.
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Consultancy services

DEKRA is available to you in an advisory capacity with extensive knowledge when it comes to making decisions and it backs up your decisions with reliable figures and empirical values.
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Securing evidence

DEKRA secures evidence for you: it is ensured that construction work does not cause any damage from construction planning through to implementation. Any damage already caused is recorded and documented.
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Material testing of membranes

Our laboratory supports textile construction projects with material development, structural consultancy, determination of mechanical and physical features, approvals and expert reports for membranes.
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Design review

DEKRA experts randomly review the design for plausibility and conformity and document weaknesses and potential for improvement independently of the design or project status.
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Occupational health and safety

DEKRA experts for occupational health and safety check this during planning and construction work.
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