DEKRA Construction Management

Construction Phase

In the construction phase DEKRA offers additional security and expertise in realising your construction project in light of the number of partners involved in construction. Rely on DEKRA!

Inspection assistance

DEKRA's services range from a purely advisory capacity with attendance to full documentation of the inspection with documents prepared ready for signing.
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Quality testing during construction

DEKRA guarantees construction quality through regular inspections with the aim of identifying construction faults early on. Documentation allows for the early remedying of faults.
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Construction and project management

Construction and project management is responsible for construction projects in a supporting role across several specialist disciplines. DEKRA coordinates the schedules, costs and quality.
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Construction progress checks

DEKRA documents construction progress to establish the degree of completion, any outstanding work and the quality of the construction phase and checks the completed construction work to ensure there are no faults.
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Construction monitoring for membrane structures

During the construction phase DEKRA monitors the installation of textile materials using site measurements, inspection of membrane structures and by developing and preparing measuring equipment.
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Site management / construction monitoring

Working together with the project planners, DEKRA carries out extensive project monitoring so that you construction project is realised perfectly without any faults.
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Commissioning management

DEKRA checks the performance data of technical systems before the construction project is completed or handed over, documents faults and works out potential for improvement.
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Arbitration / mediation

Professional DEKRA experts or mediators are available to assist you to reach an out of court agreement in the event of a dispute and help the conflicting parties to find a joint solution to the conflict.
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